Is Your Counselor an Intern?

New Priorities Family Services regularly provides opportunities for counseling students in the state of Oregon to complete their required internship hours at our facility. These individuals have typically completed the majority of their in-classroom education and have been cleared by their faculty advisors to begin providing supervised counseling to clients.

If you are placed with an intern for your counseling services, please be aware that due to the educational and highly supervised nature of the internship, there will be some differences from a typical counseling experience. These may include your counselor presenting information about your counseling experience to a small group of fellow students, having a supervisor sit in on sessions to observe, and having a video recording of your sessions.

• If you have concerns about the process and would like more information about it, please do not hesitate to discuss it with your counselor. Also, should you feel uncomfortable working with an intern, be aware that you may request to work with a regular counselor.